Lloyd's Tree Services offers professional services at competitive prices. We work in these areas:

LTS felling a treeFelling

Any size of tree felled, chipped and removed from site with minimum of fuss. You can view photos of Lloyd's Tree Services felling a beech tree here.


Crown raising removes the lower branches and can often give a tree a more open appearance, letting more light to the ground around the tree.

Hedge laying

LTS laying a hedgeA traditional art which is used to thicken existing hedges to make them stronger and more dense. The ideal age for a hedge to be layed is at around ten years after it was planted, though hedges can be layed many times during their life.

Hedge laying is done during the winter months when the tree is in a dormant state. You can view photos of Lloyd's Tree Services' hedge laying here.

LTS dismantle a treeDismantling

Trees are dismantled in areas where the tree cannot be felled as one. This involves climbing and removing small sections of the tree and bringing them to the ground in a more controlled manner. There are a number of methods which can be employed from hand-holding to roping and rigging to lower each branch to the ground. You can view photos of Lloyd's Tree Services dismantling a tree here.

Hedge trimming

Hedges of all sizes from a small ornamental box hedge to a twenty-foot Leyland Cypress can be trimmed or reduced.

Reducing a bay treeReducing

Trees are often a vital part of any garden or green space but they do often become too large for their situation. This is when it can be useful to reduce the tree or reduce the size of the overall crown. Reductions can be as much as 30% of the crown, depending on the trees species. You can view photos of Lloyd's Tree Services reducing a bay tree here.

Planting a treePlanting

You can view the seven steps to successful planting here.

General Pruning

Trees often need formative pruning throughout their life to prevent problems in the future such as included bark.

Alaskan Milling – producing planks on site

Alaskan MillingOur Alaskan mill enables us to process large sections of wood into planks on site, and without the need for large scale lifting equipment. This means that you can have a usable product from a tree that would be otherwise cut up for firewood. Once we have produced the planks, they are usually manually stacked for seasoning. You can view photos of Lloyd's Tree Services' Alaskan mill in operation here.

Commercial tree clearance

Our subsidiary company Oxfordshire Tree Clearance can quote for all contract tree clearance work (separate OTC website coming soon). We use the latest technology to provide a fast and effective soulution to your needs:

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